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Red Light Therapy Benefits

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Red Light Therapy Benefits Research on red light therapy benefits is still in the early phases, but current studies and anecdotal evidence show promise for the effectiveness of the treatment. Red light therapy can be used to help treat many conditions and improve overall health. Some of the main benefits of red light therapy include:

•athletic performance •eyesight •mood •autoimmune diseases •hair growth •pain •brain disorders •healing •relaxation •cancer therapy side effects •heating •skin conditions •cellulite •hormone production •sleep •cognitive function •inflammation •tissue regeneration •detoxification •libido •weight loss

The use of red light therapy is especially popular amongst athletes seeking help for joint pain and inflammation, physical performance, and skin health. While many people begin RLT to target one symptom, they often find many other red light therapy benefits that make it worthwhile to add to their regular routine.

Combining the Powers of Red Light and Infrared Therapies

Full-spectrum infrared therapy involves using infrared waves to penetrate into the body. These waves promote the healthy function of the body’s cells and in turn improve healing, circulation, and detoxification. Infrared heat therapy penetrates nearly 5 centimeters into the skin, making it a perfect therapy to use in conjunction with red light therapy that penetrates 5 millimeters. By combining the therapies, you allow multiple levels of your body to heal and rejuvenate.

Red light therapy and infrared therapy can easily be done together by including a red light device in an infrared sauna session or light Therapy immediately before a sauna session.

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