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Sauna Etiquette

whether you're looking to repair and restore, or relax and rejuvenate, Revive wants to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. Please keep the following sauna etiquette in mind when you book your next appointment. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


No food or drinks inside sauna cabin

No food is permitted inside the suites. You are welcome to bring water into the suite, but please do not bring it into the sauna cabin. Damage can occur If the heaters, which are behind you, under the bench, and in front of you, get wet.


Be courteous to other guests

Please keep the volume of all entertainment to where it does not disturb other guests. The Bluetooth can be used with the TV or with your phone to keep sound inside the sauna cabin directly and not be heard by other Revive guests.

Revive guest


Infrared Sauna     room 1

Infrared Sauna2   room 2

Infrared Sauna3   room 3

  Infrared Sauna4   room 4  


Close the glass door gently

Please close the glass sauna door gently using the handle. Do not let it close on its own or slam close. 


Light activity

Please limit activity within the sauna cabin to stretching and light exercise. There should not be any forceful activity that comes in contact with the glass.


No strong perfumes 

Do not apply strong fragranced lotions or perfumes in suites. 


Arrive on Time 

At Revive, we take pride in preparing your suite meticulously. From setting the sauna to the perfect temperature to providing chilled towels, we ensure your experience is exceptional. Please note that late arrival and missed appointments not only disrupt our schedule but also impact other clients' ability to book their sessions.

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